Crowded Grave


In Loving Memory of

Mary Strickland
Died 3rd May 1860. Aged 77 years.


Mary Ann Thomas
Died 3rd Aug: 1876. Aged 88 years.

Henry Robert Strickland
Arrived in the ship ‘Hoogly’ Feby. 12th 1830
Died July 9th 1907, Aged 86 years

Mary Ann Strickland
Arrived in the ship Parmelia June 1st 1829,
Died Jany. 4th 1908 Aged 88 years

Ellen Strickland
Died 5th April 1856, Aged 15 months.

Two Infant Sons of H.R. Strickland
Died 3rd Jany. 1873 & 7th Feby 1874.

Clara Strickland
Died 22nd April 1875, Aged 28 years.

David Strickland
Died 2nd May 1878, aged 25 years.

George Samuel Strickland
Died 5th Dec. 1883, aged 7 months.

Hubert Cecil Strickland
Died 1st April 1884. Aged 4 years.

Thomas Campbell Carey
Died 4th Sept. 1884. Aged 51 years.

W.H. John Strickland
Died 24th June 1887. Aged 7 days.

Emma Constance Strickland
Died 16th Oct. 1892. Aged 29 years.

Lancelot Strickland Wilson
Died 18th Nov. 1892. Aged 37 days.

Dorothy Baston
Died 3rd Oct. 1896. Aged 19 months.

Talbot Gordon Wilson
Died 8th Dec. 1896. Aged 5 years.

Ernest H.R. Strickland
Died 20th Sep: 1902. Aged 32 years.

Alvyna Strickland
Died 30th Nov: 1904. Aged 42 years.

Gladys May Strickland
Died 13th March 1905. Aged 2 years.

Barbara Manning
Died 29th April 1905. Aged 52 years.

Ursula May Strickland
Died 16th Aug. 1905. Aged 26 years.

Frederick C. Strickland
Died 22nd Dec: 1905. Aged 4 1/2 months.

William Edward Strickland
Died April 6th 1906. Aged 34 years.

Martha Eliza Strickland
Died May 10th 1907. Aged 65 years.


This grave was memorable, obviously, because of the long list of people interred within it. Twenty-five names are listed, although some internet sources report that there are actually a couple more who never had their names included on the monument. I have no idea how so many people can be buried in what, from memory, was a double plot but it is possible that the original Strickland family grave extended beyond the area covered by the grave marker.

The last two people buried here are Henry Robert and Mary Ann Strickland, who traveled to Western Australia as children in the early days of the colony with their respective parents and siblings to become indentured servants as part of the Swan River settlement project of Thomas Peel. All but one of the names are related to Henry and Mary Strickland.

I haven’t tried to unravel much of their story beyond what is listed on the grave marker. However, what the grave marker does show is just how hard life was in colonial Australia. Henry and Mary were the last burials in the plot but they were pre-deceased by their mothers, seven of their children, nine of their grandchildren and three daughters-in-law. Pre-Twentieth Century the most likely time for a person to die was before their fifth birthday and this grave marker with it’s startling number of young deaths is testament to that statistic.

RIP Strickland family


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